Friday, July 2, 2010

Point Table with Station Offset Data

In Civil 3D 2011 it is not possible to create a dynamic point table with station and offset data. However it is possible with 3rd party software.

If purchasing 3rd party is out of the question the tip below will provide a point table with station data that is not dynamic. This is possible by exporting an XML report to word and importing it to Civil 3D. Exporting to various formats provides efficient workflows for import back to Civil 3D.

Note: NET reports can be saved in several formats, including HTML, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word Document, Microsoft® Excel Workbook, and Text Document. If Microsoft® Office is not installed, than the options for Word Document, Excel Workbook, and Text Document are not available

First let locate the toolbox icon.

Select the toolbox icon on the left to customize reports.

Locate the Toolbox tab and right click Station Offset to Points

Unfortunately this command will include every point in the drawing. If the point numbers are known you could select each one or remove the unwanted points. An easier workflow is erase points from the current drawing (to be safe do a save as before removing points). Erase the points that are not to be included. I wanted to include all points 100’ from the alignment so I offset the alignment 50’. Connected these lines to form a polyline and then offset the polyline another 50’.

Once the area is established the points were selected and erased. Below is what the drawing looked like before creating the report.

The secret to creating the report is exporting it word format.  

This is the report created in word. Notice it is customized to ADSK Solutions. This was accomplished with the red toolbox icon earlier.
Simply select report, copy it and select paste special in Civil 3D.
Once the table is in Civil 3D select the report and change the text to any font style using properties. The table isn’t dynamic, but it is relatively easy to create and desired results are obtainable.


  1. I have tried this in Civil 3D 2010, but I kept getting an error message after I selected Execute. I am running Windows 7, but when I tried this procedure on a computer running XP it seemed to work fine. Have you encountered this?

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  2. On the windows 7 computer, can you execute any reports or does it error only on station offset.
    My guess is that you get this error on all reports and its an issue with the xml.

    Let me know the exact error and I can give more details.

  3. Adam Peter, a friend and previous coleague pointed out. (I found a work around to create a Station / Offset table for points in Civil 3D. It's kind of a hack, but you can use Pipe Structures!)

    Thanks Adam!

  4. unbelievable, unbelievable, it worked.... thank you very much

    you can sort by station or also by offset diatance to eliminate points outside of any range you choos, eliminates the need to erase points, i did this in Land Desktop and made it easy to create stioning for alignment sheets without a $15,000 a year program.

    thank you again

  5. I am searching for a long time a way to export a station offset report with design elevation information. I can export the design elevation information for each point with the inquiry tool "alignment station offset and profile elevation at point but there is no way to do it for more points.

    Any ideas how to do that?