Thursday, December 13, 2012

Civil 3D Medians and Curb Islands made easy in CORRIDOR

Autodesk University was great again this year. My biggest regret was not meeting with every client that was lucky enough to be out there. I would also like to thank the clients that did hangout. First year that the CRAPS table thanked me for coming to AU.

I spoke for the 4th year in a row and the title of my class was AutoCAD® Civil 3D®: "Curbing" Your Enthusiasm. I presented Conditional corridors for driveways, ADA ramps and sidewalks. I also provide a SOLU-AROUND for medians. Below shows a small portion I presented about medians. I will provide the ultimate part about my class after this solu-around.
This method of creating medians was not practical until the 2012 version. In version 2012 we can add multiple baselines alignments to a single corridor and all assemblies show up together in cross section view. So why not create alignments from each island and use the corridor surface as the profile? This would be dynamic and update as the corridor changes. Unfortunately Civil 3D corridors will not accept the elevation from the corridor profile. Solu-Around, create a new surface called medians. Now paste the corridor surface into it.

·         Create a corridor surface
·         Create a surface called medians
·         Paste the corridor surface into the medians surface
·         Create alignment from the edge of pavement around the median
·         Create profile from median surface.
·         Create assembly using only curb attached to the assembly
·         Add the alignment, profile and assembly to existing corridor
I will post part of the AU class or recorded Solu-Around at I will provide
direct link here.

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