Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creating Code Set - Plan View (Corridor Style)

The corridor model is represented graphically by roadway cross sections at predetermined stations, with longitudinal strings connecting points between adjacent stations. Points with the same code and in the same region of the section are automatically connected with longitudinal lines.

Let’s start with a code set called plan view and configure point codes to display figures. Feature line styles must be configured to display the correct colors, linetypes, and layers to display the corridor properly in plan view.

Creating Feature Line Styles

1. Select the plus sign for General under the toolspace. Continue to select plus signs until Feature Line Styles are located. Right click and create feature styles for each style that will be displayed in plan view. For example Edge of Pavement, will be configured to display cyan, and continuous linetype by setting it to the correct layer. Change the view direction to model and set the color to 250 if you would like to duplicate what was shown. Below is an example.

Creating a Code Set

2. Select the plus sign for general under the toolspace. Select the next plus sign under multipurpose style and locate Code Set Styles. Right click Code Set Styles to select NEW. A new code set displays minimum codes. Civil 3D applies default codes to subassemblies and all subassembly codes are held within the assembly. Importing codes is a great way to start building a code set. To import codes select importing codes in the bottom right and select a corridor or assembly.

Note: Before importing codes create and assign a feature Line style for no display. All feature lines will be assigned this by default. Rename all the standard styles to No Display for new codes sets to inherit the No Display style.

Assigning Codes

3. Edit the new code set style that was created above. Locate Point under the name column. Scroll over and set feature line styles for each component you want to display in plan view. We will continue to elaborate on this later.

Default Code Set Style

By default Civil 3D assigns a code set to a corridor. Locate Corridor under the settings tab in the toolspace. Edit Feature settings and assign a code set style under Default Styles.

Look for part II of Creating Code Set, the next part will cover assigning Links for Visulazation. For more information on Point Codes review my Autodesk University class. (Don't be left out in the CODE_CV9314-1 - 2009) Free to all subscription users. Autodesk University Website


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