Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Civil 3D Profile Ground Labels

Was hoping we could select no labels for profile 2 in Civil 3D 2012, maybe in 2013. Super simple Solu-around still required to show existing elevation and easily add finshed ground profile labels.

Solution: Import a new band to add FG labels to existing profile. See steps below for actual steps.

1. Create a profile band displaying existing grades only called EG elevations only.

2. Copy this existing style, rename it EG with FG elevations and add finish grade labels to the band.

3. Create existing ground profile and apply the EG elevations band only.

4.  Design finish ground profile, then select profile grid and click profile view properties.

5. Locate the band tab, click Import Band Set......

6. Select EG with FG, scroll over and update the profile 2 column.

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