Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Civil 3D annotative scale - turned off?

Civil 3D labels automatically update as data or scale changes. I could only dream of this feature when I worked in the industry, but I must admit; the overtime money was appreciated.

95% percent of the time Civil 3D label collaboration saves time and money, but what about that 5% of the time a quick or unique print is required?

Civil 3D default label behavior
The first image shows the drawing in paperspace. The scale is 1”=200. The text automatically updated and is shown at .1 paperspace height. This is unavoidable, if it didn’t update immediately it will when you plot it.

Civil 3D Label Solu-Around
The second image shows the same drawing. The scale was originally set to 1”=40’. This time turn off regenauto by typing it into the command line. Change the viewport scale to 1”=200’ and the text display will stay the same.

Turning all labels off or changing the height of all labels would also provide the same results.

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  1. Thought this was my answer, but as soon as you type plot, or preview, C3D does a "Regenerating layout, Regenerating model" and the problem is still there.

    There looks to be a need to set an AECC scale variable.