Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autodesk University 2011 (Corridor Solu-Arounds)

I have some exciting new Solu-Arounds for my AU class this year. They are going to be released live in Vegas, but will post them here shortly after.

Users can attend Virtual AU for FREE this year and subscription users have full access to free training by watching recoded classes online. Do a search by instructor to find my classes.

Class ID CI5085

Title UnConditional Corridor Love

Assemblies are essential for roadways, railways, traveled ways, channels, ditches, utility runs, and airport runways. They are relatively easy to create, and the 3D model is essential for design. This class will focus on conditional subassemblies and explore the possibilities for delivering data from the model that was not made obvious. The focus will be on applying one assembly with conditional subassemblies to automatically design driveways, sidewalks, intersections, medians, and even ADA ramps. We will reveal valuable tips and secrets. Code sets, styles, and settings are only the beginning. We will show you how to apply real-world materials to corridors and, if time permits, describe how to add paint stripes and animation along the centerline.

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