Sunday, December 11, 2011

Civil 3D – Elevation matching in Profile

Roadway design requires matching elevation throughout the project. For this example we will place the primary road elevation in the secondary road. Utilizing Civil 3D there is no easy way to mark this location in profile view. Most users will label the elevation or list the information with inquiry tools and enter this information as they design.

The workflow that I use projects a point into the profile view and is selected as the new road design is constructed. Yes the point and label are dynamic to the profile.

1. Create a corridor for the primary road.
2. Build a surface from the corridor.
3. Create a Random Point using Create Points toolbar.

Select the corridor surface as prompted. Point is placed marking the main road elevation at the intersection point.
4. Locate Profile View in the home ribbon and select Project Objects to Profile View.
5. Select the point when prompted, enter
6. Select profile view to label.

The label projected is dynamic and a custom style should be created. Change the primary road design, rebuild the corridor, and make sure the surface is up-to-date. Now select all points, right click and select Elevations from Surface. This is located in the right click menu and in the ribbon. All labels are updated, simply select the grip and drag it to the new elev.

This tip was pulled from my Autodesk University 2011 class Un-Conditional Corridor Love.


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  2. very nice trick...
    but I'm new to civil3d and my geometry is complex a little, dont know how to create corridors...would it be possible to project a point that is on the main road profile?

  3. I would like to be able to use a profile to set point elevations and not the surface. the reason is my profiles are modeling top of curb and not CL and our street to street connections are made at the CPI's (curb point of intersection) of the curbs which are 0.5 feet above the surface. Also the points from surface are only as accurate as your surface where from a profile they never vary. We have had issues with points or labels from surface when you are in curves, cul-de-sacs, knuckles and intersections.