Monday, December 17, 2012


ALL I want for Christmas is a Civil 3D APP. I have been looking at these and wanting to test them forever. Now that Autodesk University is behind us it's time to start playing again. Please post if you have downloaded any APPS and feel free to review them here. I will begin my reviews the first of the year.

 My favorite so far is the E57 file format for pointclouds. I will discuss this more on my next post along with the LAS file format for pointclouds in Civil 3D.

E57 file format plug-in for Pointclouds in Civil 3D 2013

The next review will be makinga copy 3D polylines/Featurelines and placing them in 2D.


  1. I write apps for the store. In fact in your screen shot above is one of my apps, C3D Set Multiple Object Styles. I'm planning on rolling out trial versions real soon so you can test paid apps.

    Let me know if you have any app ideas. Always looking for ideas.

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