Tuesday, April 23, 2013

State plane versus Aussumed coordinates

It has become more and more common to capture information with state plan coordinates. Unfortunatley data still is required with assumed coordintates. Client demands and request provide reality capture firms delivering data state planes and assumed coordinates. AutoCAD Civil 3D will deliver both if styles and settings are set up properly. I have provided an image below and images to compare your existing workflow and data with ADSK Solutions Solu-arounds.

As posted above; create a new style and select segment direction and select grid direction. Place this under segment direction to copy the style attached. Both coordinates will match. It is recommended to create multiply lable styles to display pertinant information. To display state plane and assumed coordinates users can select the settings tab from the prospector and right click drawing settings. In the transformation settings specify grid and rotation angle. This will display the assumed coordinates. Contact info@ADSKsolutions.com to understand Stae plan and assumed coordinates.

Chad Studer