Friday, April 16, 2010

Graphically edit Cut and Fill Slopes

Civil 3D has so many colabrative tools, this one is a hidden function that is very useful and easy to use.

Graphically editing cut and fill slopes provide intuitive design edits and updates on the fly. After creating and sampling corridor sections. Use the View/Edit Corridor Section command; locate the station required for editing.

Hold down control and select the cut or fill slope.
Grips will appear for editing purposes. Select the square grip where the slope meets the surface.

To assure the slope meets existing ground use the nearest osnap when selecting the surface. The modified slope should now be inside the ROW for this section.

Each section is modified individually and updates are shown in planview as well.

Edits are quick and efficient, but not suitable for all designs. If this is a consistent issue, look at different subassembly for desirable results. I would recommend DaylightInsideROW to start.

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