Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maximize Corridor performance

Rebuilding large corridors is very time consuming due to the amount of data that is calculated. A straightforward and essential way to improve corridor performance is to concentrate on individual regions at a time. This is accomplished by using the Isolate Region command. Corridor rebuilds only calculate the isolated portion.

The Isolate region command is available from the right click menu after selecting the corridor. The selected region will be isolated.

The Modify Ribbon is another simple way to isolate a region. The steps below are for the 2011 release, and are in 2010. Use Show all regions to display the entire corridor.

This is one solution to assist in corridor performance, review the assembly frequency rate, section swath
width, and code set styles to achieve optimal results.

Below is a custom command for working with multiple corridors. It offers rebuilding all of them or only the out of date corridors. (corridors not regions)

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